Stepping into the 7th Year of Social Innovation         

Co-creating a Better Community


The Schools Challenge Hong Kong is a social innovation program for junior secondary school students. Since 2018, the program has engaged over 2,400 junior secondary students, J.P. Morgan volunteers, university student volunteers, teachers and program partners in developing  229 social innovation projects. Through hands-on learning workshops, mentorship from J.P. Morgan volunteers and university students’ consultation sessions, the student teams apply their acquired knowledge and skills to co-create innovative solutions that help transform the district into a pioneer smart city in Hong Kong.


 Along the learning journey, students are able to:                                                   

• Develop creativity and problem-solving skills through designing an innovative product or solution to address a real problem in the community

• Enhance teamwork and leadership skills through working with business mentors and university student volunteers

• Develop listening and presentation skills through sharing the ideas with the community

• Stay positive and aiming high

• Acquire STEM knowledge and skills, and apply them in daily life

• Gain greater understanding about STEM careers and education pathways from practitioners