Team A02 – Psychologist : Help each other


School Name: PHC Wing Kwong College

Team Members: Huang Chung Yuen, Huang Leong Yu, Huang Wai Man, Hui Shuk Ying, Kong Ching Ling


Theme: Build a Caring and Inclusive Community

Project Name: Empowering Autism

Target Group: Autism

Problem Statement: People with autism face difficulties in finding employment, including social challenges, difficulty in understanding nonverbal communication, fixed behaviors and interests. These factors can lead to setbacks and discrimination during the job search process.

Solution: Design a mobile app to provide services for people with autism. By utilizing inclusive hiring and skills training through social enterprises, this application can help improve their quality of life, mental health, and expand their social circle. Provide online counseling to address the issue of rigidity and establish reward programs to improve their work environment. These applications can offer more support and care, helping individuals with autism better integrate into society.