Team A02 – Elderly helper : The medicine helper


School Name: Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College

Team Members: Jaco Chan, Kiki Wang, Leo Poon, Martin Choi, Matthew Choi, Melody Wong, Vivian Zhang

Theme: Promote Health and Wellness

Project Name: The medicine helper

Target Group: Elderly

Problem Statement: Elderly living alone sometimes forget to take their medications, may mistakenly take the wrong medicines, and can experience feelings of loneliness due to their isolated living situation.

Solution: “The Medicine Helper,” is designed to simplify the medication management process. It can scan the QR code on medicine packages, allowing users to easily load the prescribed medications into the machine. Once the medicines are inserted, they are securely stored in the internal dispensing compartment.

At the scheduled medication times, “The Medicine Helper” will automatically dispense the required dosages. The system also features an alarm function to gently remind elderly users when it is time to take their medications.

In addition to automating the medication process, “The Medicine Helper” offers a communication link between caregivers and the elderly users. Caretakers can utilize an accompanying iPad application to connect with the elderly in real-time. This enables them to monitor medication adherence and provide companionship, helping to alleviate the feelings of loneliness that elderly individuals may experience.