Team A08 – Warners : Alarm system


School Name: PHC Wing Kwong College

Team Members: Choy Nga Ting, Kwan Wing Lam, Li Ka Yi, Tang Tsz Wing, Wang Ting Ting, Zhang Chi To


Theme: Build a Caring and Inclusive Community

Project Name: The Warners : Fire Alarm System

Target Group: Low-income citizens

Problem Statement: According to the news in the past 5 years, the problem of fires in subdivided flats has been very serious, causing many casualties.

Solution: Install a temperature, relative humidity and CO2 sensor in each subdivided flat unit. If the detected temperature in the space is higher than 60 degrees, the relative humidity is lower than 20% and the level of CO2 is higher than 2500, a warning will be activated, so that the residents can notice the fire earlier and leave as soon as possible to prevent casualties. The system will automatically send an email to the landlord via IFTTT instantly so that he/she care the tenant and the police for assistance.