Team A05 – City Hunter : Live。Reborn


School Name: PHC Wing Kwong College

Team Members: Chan Chi Ho Vincent,Ma Sin Yuen,Ng Ming Cheong Mike,Nie Chun Ho,So Hin Yan


Theme: Improve District Environment

Project Name: Live。Reborn

Target Group: The residents of Wong Tai Sin, including seniors and young people

Problem Statement: ‘The large squares and open spaces are often unused and vacant, or have a low utilization rate.

Solution: 1. Convert the large squares and open spaces in the park into a skateboarding and dance area. 2. Renovate existing mural in the park into a modern mural and art gallery. 3. Convert the open space in the park into a handmade market, allowing elderly and young people residents in Wong Tai Sin to set up stalls and sell goods. 4.Renovate fountain pool in the park has been renovated into a green self-planting area.