Team A09 – 2nd Vege : Veggie Recycling Program


School Name: PHC Wing Kwong College

Team Members: Chan Chak Fung, Lai Yen Kwan, Lau Chi Hin, Lui Yiu Shing, Yung Tsz Yu, Zeng Tsun Pan


Theme: Build a Caring and Inclusive Community

Project Name: Caring and Sharing Scheme

Target Group: Residents and vegetable vendors who live in Kwun Tong

Problem Statement: Kwun Tong is mainly a residential area, and there is lot of food waste or leftovers from the market everyday.

Solution: Build an app for booking tuition and finding study rooms 1. Provide students with the location, time and waiting list of the study room directly, so that they can find the study room more conveniently. 2. Appointment system, so that students can immediately reserve the study room to save the time of going out to make an appointment. 3. Functions of making an appointment for tutoring and chatting, and students can make an appointment for a tutor to study in the self-study room.